Vrienden = Flemish Friend (7.5)

name: Vrienden (Lips of Faith Series)
% alc: 8.5
type: Ale Brewed with Hibiscus & Endive
vendor: Whole Foods Market, Seattle
price: $7.99
first impressions: 
I saw this beer and it seemed like the perfect first post for the blog I had been meaning to start up for quite some time. An odd beer with potential to either be great or really awful. I mean endive? Really? So I cracked it open and took some photos, which definitely peaked my thirst. Then I took a drink. Endive... Endive... Hmm. I couldn't catch it, but either way this beer is actually really nice. It's light, refreshing, and balanced. It has a tang I've tasted before in Flemish Sour ales, and Krieks which are made with cherries but in this case that flavor comes from the tart, aromatic hibiscus flower. I feel Vrienden's February release is urging Spring to warm us up and bring us back outside which pertains to my "recommended setting" below. Here's to hoping! This 8.5% alc. beer drinks like about a 6 so take care. 

review (/10): 7.5
recommended setting: Springtime in a patch of warm sunlight.
extraneous ramble (optional): 
Vrienden both literally means friend in flemish and was friendly to my tongue.


a Mission Statement

a Blog focused on reviewing the new and seasonal releases I can't help but buy. It will hopefully point fellow pint enthusiasts in the direction of some wondrous new flavors and save them the disappointment of the costly dud.

The entries will be brief and somewhat scientific. Descriptions will be first reactions that are brief. At a certain point I lose interest imagining my tongue being stimulated and just want to taste the damned thing.