Fancy Labeled Homebrew IPA? - (5.0)

name: Invasive Species IPA
% alc: 6.3
type: India Pale Ale
vendor: John's Market, Multnomah Village, OR
price: $4.59 (22oz)

first impressions:
Off the bat, straight away this was an interesting and tasty beverage. It was malty for an IPA and exorbitantly cloudy. I liked it. The head was like mashed potatoes and it didn't bite with carbonation. Hoppy, bright, citric and smooth, it just tasted like a great, possibly homebrewed because of it's odd quirks, IPA. At this point it's a 7.0 rating for me. I had my tastes and left enough in the bottle to take pictures of later once my lighting was right.  
When I returned to shoot my photos I filled the pint and got my macro shots. I explored the resealable, reusable bottle top, and the One Dollar Bottle Deposit notification on the bottle. Which was possibly larger than the beer name and brewer logo.
Then, I sat down to drink the rest of the brew. I was surprised to find it had become more earthy and less bitter. It had lost some carbonation, to the extent that it was almost flat. It seemed to have decayed in short amount of time having been opened resealed and reopened again an hour or so later. My review at this point would be around a 3.5 or worse. It didn't taste like a properly brewed or sealed ale at this point. So, sadly my average lands around a 5.0 on this one. Love the artwork on the bottle. Love the bottle, but it needs to last a bit longer before it turns into an elixer that should be served only in a bog by a shriveled forest wizard.

review (/10): 5.0
recommended setting:  Drink this right away! Well, maybe not in the parking lot but right when you open it somewhere suitable. Grab a friend and just have a go of it. Or... Instead of getting it by bottle, a keg is likely to be a great option. Captured by Porch appear to have some sort of Mobile Haus brew bus operation in Portland which sounds like a fun way to find this on tap. If you do, its likely to be an ale worthy of my 7.0.

extraneous ramble (optional):