Steel Can Pilsner w/ Opener (8.0)

"It's a tasty little beverage but I would describe it as tasting like nothing, in the best way possible."

name: Pilsner Style Beer
% alc: 4.9
type: Pilsner Style
vendor: Whole Foods, Seattle
price: $8.99 (6 Pk)

first impressions:
It's times like these I realize how much of a slave I am to design. This was a beautiful package and a lot of fun to blog about. The kind of blog post that leaves me with dozens of extra photos leftover that I sadly couldn't cram onto the page. And this sixer brings me back to the days of choosing your cereal for the toy concealed inside, this has a free churchkey which most of us have used at one time or another to open a bottle of beer and completely obliterate the bottle cap in the process. Well that's cause it wasn't meant for that, it was meant for these steel cans and it works beautifully in the role it was designed for.


So I open the thing up after a 30 minute photo shoot, which is a lot of time to be shooting beer cans and boxes. I puncture it once fully for the mouth hole and another time for the smaller air hole. It's a tasty little beverage but I would describe it as tasting like nothing, in the best way possible. The beer is tough to describe other than a well balanced pilsner and doesn't leave anything lingering. It's not overly hopped, it's not bitter or wheaty, it's just light and refreshing, especially on an 80 degree day in May here in Seattle. I squeeze through the window and out onto my fire escape where I enjoy the can in the sun.

I'm going to admit at this point that the beer I reviewed could've been colder. If the packaging hadn't been so damned appealing to photograph, the beer wouldn't have been posing out in the sun for 30 minutes. But thanks to it's hefty can it does stay cool longer than an ultra thin aluminum one. They say the harder it is to achieve your goal the greater the satisfaction, the box does for this beer, and while that presumably applies opening the can, it may also apply fittingly to finding this beer at a store near you. Good luck!

review (/10): 8.0
recommended setting: I'm going to apply their slogan one more time and say that this beer should be enjoyed, despite the weight of the can, or maybe that adds the difficulty of your achievement, at the summit of a late Spring alpine hike. Given all the contraptions backpackers use to make their meals the churchkey will fit right in there. And as you stand tired, flushed and sweating in the May sun, puncture the can, take that first sip and look around you at the surrounding snow capped mountains, it's going to be a beautiful summer!
extraneous ramble (optional): This one's taste ranks at about a 6.0 but again slave to design I gotta give the whole experience the 8.0.