Dogfish went to Scarborough Fair? - (8.5)

"This beer is a great example of why I decided to do this blog. It's one of those brewing experiments that actually worked."

name: Saison du Buff
brewery: Dogfish Head, w/ Victory & Stone.
% alc: 6.8
type: Saison w/ Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, & Thyme
vendor: Whole Foods, Seattle
price: $2.99 (12oz)

first impressions:
No, I'm not going to Scarborough fair, because this beer includes Simon and Garfunkel's legendary shopping list. The herbs are even listed in the exact order we've all had burned into our brains, yet there is neither mention of the two songwriters nor the song. It easily could've been named Scarborough Fair, right? I found this surprising but perhaps it's a good choice. Perhaps it was a legal issue. Or a style thing. Or perhaps these brewers had got together to discuss a "collabeeration," which is actually becoming pretty common these days, and while they sat thinking, discussing, perhaps bickering, that song may have been playing in the background when they came upon an idea... 

Any which way it happened, it doesn't matter. It's amazing the subtlety and balance of this beverage. It's exciting and delicious, especially if you're into the Saison style. It has a sharp yet earthy peach-like acidity and seeing as I was presently grilling grass fed beef burgers, it occurred to me, it was a bit like a grilled peach seasoned with fresh spring herbs. So I promptly re-capped the second half of the bottle and chilled it a bit longer to go with my meal.
Again it was refreshing and bright with a touch of herbs that melded it right into my food. This beer is a great example of why I decided to do this blog. It's one of those brewing experiments that actually worked and wasn't just gimmick or spectacle that's interesting but let's face it, just leaves you wishing for your damned straight up IPA. I do this a lot, I buy anything new that is well designed or made by a brewer I know and like, I pay extra money, and most of the time I won't be buying another bottle of it. The experiment has to transcend to a functional balance of spectacle and quenchability, after all we are talking about a beverage aren't we? This one isn't cheap but if it were in a bar $3 isn't bad at all for 12oz. and it's a pretty special little brew.
Lastly, how could this be bad with Victory and Stone chipping in. These are some of my favorite brewers. Nicely done guys. Nicely done.

review (/10): 8.5
recommended setting: Put on Scarborough Fair/Canticle? If you want to. But how about just putting on your favorite S & G song on vinyl (for me it's something jauntier, probably Hazy Shade of Winter, or Only Living Boy in New York), and going outside to grill something tasty in the summer sun. That grilled peach thing sounded kind of good. Hopefully you are still within earshot of the music just as the brewers may have been when they thought this one up, and who knows what you might think of... Something about being a rock? An Island? Maybe Bridges and Troubled Water or Cecilia breaking your confidence daily? See what happens. 
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