Vrienden = Flemish Friend (7.5)

name: Vrienden (Lips of Faith Series)
% alc: 8.5
type: Ale Brewed with Hibiscus & Endive
vendor: Whole Foods Market, Seattle
price: $7.99
first impressions: 
I saw this beer and it seemed like the perfect first post for the blog I had been meaning to start up for quite some time. An odd beer with potential to either be great or really awful. I mean endive? Really? So I cracked it open and took some photos, which definitely peaked my thirst. Then I took a drink. Endive... Endive... Hmm. I couldn't catch it, but either way this beer is actually really nice. It's light, refreshing, and balanced. It has a tang I've tasted before in Flemish Sour ales, and Krieks which are made with cherries but in this case that flavor comes from the tart, aromatic hibiscus flower. I feel Vrienden's February release is urging Spring to warm us up and bring us back outside which pertains to my "recommended setting" below. Here's to hoping! This 8.5% alc. beer drinks like about a 6 so take care. 

review (/10): 7.5
recommended setting: Springtime in a patch of warm sunlight.
extraneous ramble (optional): 
Vrienden both literally means friend in flemish and was friendly to my tongue.


  1. I usually don't like Belgian-y beers and certainly not flowery ones but this one was delicious! Very drinkable considering the description.

  2. I love this blog! Especially the "recommended setting. Great idea!