Hoodoo Voodoo: A Universal IPA? (8.0)

name: Hoodoo Voodoo IPA
% alc: 6.0
type: India Pale Ale
vendor: John's Market, Multnomah Village, OR
price: $3.99

first impressions:
First of all,
you will undoubtedly be seeing a good frequency of IPA reviews in this blog. However, before you dismiss me as a hop-head whose only goal is to find and endure beers with enough hop content to embalm a house-hold pet, I would like to introduce you to a utopian idea. (To be read in a British wildlife host accent) I give you The Elusive Universally Delicious IPA. A beer that appeals to both those with only the aforementioned goal in mind and those who generally do not enjoy hoppy brew. Can it be found? Can this creature be documented somehow?

Cut to:
The Hoodoo Voodoo IPA by Three Creeks Brewing out of Sisters, OR.
Ok, so it may not be quite this utopia I speak of, but it is balanced in a way that will appeal to a wider audience. A mellow opening hop with an immediate nutty follow-up keeps the palate clean and doesn't linger the way a spicy hopped ale can. This is a beautiful beer to compliment a meal because it doesn't interfere but still provides the crisp and tangy intermission we often crave. Hoodoo may be harder to find in Seattle but if you see it, pick it up and give it a try, even my seemingly hop intolerant european drinking accomplices might finish their glass.

review (/10): 8.0
recommended setting: Sisters, OR. Beneath a towering Ponderosa, mind the quilt show traffic.
extraneous ramble (optional): 

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