HUB Organic Imperial IPA (8.5)

name: Ace of Spades
% alc: 9.5
type: Imperial IPA (Organic)
vendor: QFC, Seattle
price: $7.99 (22oz)

first impressions:
Imperial = of or pertaining to an empire.
A humble emperor this IPA was, but one who's balance of power would remain effective and lovable until the end of its term. 

It was smooth and syrupy like most Imperial IPA's but still felt bright and crisp. It drank like a more deft and lightfooted beer with that cleanliness that comes from Organic Ingredients. Hopworks brews exclusively organic beers and their pub is aesthetically littered with recycled bike parts. They also brewed an Earth Day Ale. These guys are Pacific Northwest to the max and it's brilliant. 
I wanted to share this beer with Alex my girlfriend and did, but alas she assured me although it appeared balanced to me, this was no beer for the Hop-Weary. Alternatively I will say that this is the beer for the IPA lover weary of the Imperial's often overbearing lordship.

review (/10): 8.5
recommended setting: See that motorcycle on the bottle there. No, not while riding down the highway on it, but keep the Ace of Spades in a pouch with an ice pack while you cruise by Mt. Hood on your way to the Painted Hills. Park the chopper and walk to a nice spot with a view, preferably elevated. Now enjoy a red-rock topped cap-full or two or three... or well, finish up and grab some beautiful organic food in the area if possible. Painted Hills farms some of the leading grassfed beef in the Northwest.

extraneous ramble (optional): 

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