Weed Golden Lager (5.5)

name: Lemurian Golden Lager
% alc: 6.0
type: Golden Lager
vendor: Whole Foods, Seattle
price: $3.99 (22oz)
first impressions:
While the suds settled on top of my freshly poured pint I waited to see if Lenticular clouds would form instead of the classic cirrus like bubble formations. No dice. That might have given this beer the unique edge it needed to really captivate me. I found it crisp and a little sweet like a lager should, and overall relatively satisfying but the aftertaste had a leftover bitter that didn't seem to make a lot of sense to me.  
I guess it's fitting that it wasn't perfect for me.

I was going to review this beer and bid welcome to the warmer spring air in Seattle. This is the point in the year when you're so ready to believe it's just going to rollover and stay at a comfortable temperature but there's always an unwelcome breeze or its beautiful out but its actually pretty cold outside. You sit down on the grass with a book and can just begin to feel the sun sinking into your albino northwest skin when you notice your butt is quickly becoming uncomfortably wet. That's how this beer was. As I wanted to embrace the coming season with this light, glorious looking beer it sat perfectly on my tongue and after I swallowed the clouds rolled in. I slowly reached for my sweatshirt and reluctantly squeezed it over my head.

review (/10): 5.5
recommended setting: In a couple of weeks the weather will actually be just right for this beer. While it still wouldn't be my first choice lager for some time in the sun, if you can grab a view of Mt. Rainier, crack one of these in honor of the lenticular clouds that sometimes form there. They're otherworldly. 

extraneous ramble (optional): If I'd just been a little quicker with this review it might have made a good 4/20 post.

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