Bitter American (5.5)

name: Bitter American
% alc: 4.4
type: American Session Ale
vendor: QFC, Seattle
price: $8.99 6pk
first impressions:
Great Cans! But the rest of her...
I wanted to love this beer, it sounded just right for an everyday bitter, but not overboard type of ale. And for the first few slugs it might be just that, but suffice it say I had to drink 3 cans of it on separate occasions to compile enough notes to write about it. This beer tends to lose its character very quickly, like a stick of juicy fruit gum but instead of the beer physically losing its flavor I think your tongue just gets used to it very quickly.
What I did taste of it was nicely bittered and malty with a rye type component. For a session ale, which I've admittedly not tasted the gamut of, it was definitely hoppier. I would have scored it near a 7.5 if it had only held my attention and kept its initial flavor. Alas one might find it hard to continue to love if that love is not returned.

So being that I cannot really say more about this beer's flavor I will segue into a discussion of the Craft Can Revolution spurned on by a list on the box the Bitter Americans came in. I will recap it with my reactions in a sort of call & response format:
Why Cans? A Six-Pack of Good Reasons

1. Cans use less energy to produce, to transport and to chill.
Great, great, and great, except while they chill faster than bottled they also warm up faster.
2. Cans are easier to recycle and are recycled more often.
Seriously, my ears could totally do without the ear spitting clatter of dropping bottles in the bin.
3. Exposure to light ruins a good beer-Cans keep the light out and the good in.
True, you don't have to worry at all but isn't that why we have brown glass? Also there is something almost nice about the skunky aroma of pint enjoyed in the sun that feels like summertime to me.
4. Cans are lined so they don't affect the flavor of the beer.
Maybe so, but I still taste the cool tin rim against my lips and it does in fact alter what I taste.
5. Feel that? Cans weigh less than glass.
Drinking usually means I'm not at the gym, so why not make up for it with a heavier bottle? Although for backpackers who enjoy a summit swig it's a no brainer.
6. Cans go where glass is banned-Pools, beaches, boats, golf courses, stadiums, parks.
Indeed. Not sure about stadiums letting you bring it when they can have your $13 for plastic-rimmed pint.

review (/10): 5.5
recommended setting:  While participating in a Jam Session, (because this beer's taste seems get lost pretty quickly you won't mind that you've consumed the whole can without realizing it).
extraneous ramble (optional): 

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