Double Rainbow = 2 pots o' gold (7.0)

name: Double Rainbow (two pots o' gold in ur mouth)
% alc: 7.0
type: Sweet/Mellow Red Ale?
vendor: QFC, Seattle
price: $4.99 (22oz)
first impressions:
Although this cloudy beer shone a fiery red like the hair of the diminishing Irish breed, 
it took me a while to even begin to entertain the idea that this was in fact a Red Ale. The Iron Horse Brewery out of Ellensberg, WA calls it not quite a red not quite an IPA. Assuredly this is not an IPA. For me it was a malty, somewhat sweet and heavy beer that eventually came to a conclusion of bitterness. It was half way through the pint that I began to flip/flop from thinking it was a red malty unfiltered ale to a malty unfiltered red ale. 

Strained definitions aside, 
Double Rainbow was a delicious-viscous-carmelly pint. It was a treat for sweet seekers and had a bittered body for brewheads. That said, it is a really nice single pinter but I wouldn't recommend any bar fightin' with stomach full of it.

review (/10): 7.0
recommended setting: On the way from Seattle to Ellensberg there is a mound-like hill that sometimes becomes an island in winter and likely remains so in March. Ferry across the loch (pint between your knees), and climb to the secluded summit of the hill, you might just find a pot of gold while you're at it.

extraneous ramble (optional): Iron Horse Brewery is one my favorite local micro-breweries that isn't available all that widely. For St. Patricks Day you might also try their Irish Death Ale. 


  1. I would buy this beer based off of the name alone! P.S. Thanks for the hop wreath idea - I'm totally stealing it.

  2. Hah you don't have to steal it, I actually thought the brussels sprouts were hops until I zoomed in. And then you had hops at the end and it all came together.

  3. I think it's just the red-heads that are dwindling. Not the Irish.

  4. Well I meant the irish red head breed, not irish as a whole. But maybe I should rewrite it.