Highland Ambush! (7.5)

name: Highland Ambush
% alc: 6.8
type: Scotch Ale
vendor: Bridgeport/Molly
price: Free! Would be $5.99 (22oz)

first impressions:
They marched not in single file but in troupes. Onward, upward through the Highland to a summit upon which they would last as long as they could. The bubbles, I mean. I've never seen rows of carbonation like this (sadly not pictured) and what they produced together was a velvety, pillow-topped head. I can only imagine this beer on a nitro tap, (hint hint Bridgeport). I love the name of this beer although I didn't find it to ambush me the way some other scotch ales can. This is a good thing. I find some scotch ales can be just a bit too much, too alcoholic tasting or too rough around the edges. This one was mellower and by that virtue more drinkable. It was smooth and slightly smokey with a present tang. The word spacious came to mind... ? Maybe I should have that checked out... 
Anyway, I enjoyed the bottle all to myself and it was pleasant. 

This beer came in a little sampling package sent to me from Bridgeport thanks to my friend Molly Gilbert who does PR work for them. Sorry it took me so long to feature one! Alas my fridge is full of many bloggable brews but another special Bridgeport is likely to show up again sometime soon. 
Thanks & Cheers!

review (/10): 7.5
recommended setting: Honestly if there is a setting in which I can safely have a silhouetted sword-fight like you see on the bottle, that's where I'd take my pint. Drinking and swords?

extraneous ramble (optional): Foreshadowing my future post: Best Of #1: Affordable-Widely-Distributed-Microbrewed-IPA-In-SixPack-Form, I'm pretty sure the Bridgeport IPA will be in contention for sure. Suggestions for a shorter title will be sincerely considered.

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